Securing mass events

The safety of participants at mass and recreational events is one of the essential requirements and responsibilities of event hosts. We protect the most significant national and international events such as Tour de Pologne as a security agency. We also tailor our offer to serve smaller, local events.

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What is event security?

Big events arouse big emotions. Gathering large numbers of random people in a confined area requires adequate preparation – in both formal and organisational terms. Experienced managers develop detailed security plans that we can proceed with as agents for the organiser. We regularly train our teams of security officers, so they know how to respond appropriately in any situation. The competencies gained enhance security operations and allow for more effective crowd control. Our security guards screen and inspect all visitors and guests at your event. They verify that the person has proper authorisation to enter the event area. Our security officers are active in addressing any issues and patrolling the facility. They work closely with your team in all security areas and keep order throughout the event.

Your benefits

Cost optimisation

thanks to access to the latest technologies


Flexible approach

to events of all kinds, according to expectations, legal needs, and proposed budget


Possibility of expanding security services

o include cleanliness and catering


before, during and after the event


Guarantee of service implementation

according to law and good practices regardless of the place and nature of the event

Reducing customer involvement

in formal matters


Ensuring safety and good image

thanks to high quality services at every stage of the event

What makes us stand out?

  • Experience in protecting major events:
    – Euro 2012
    – The World Games 2017
    – Tour de Pologne
    – Ski Jumping World Cup
    – Concerts of world stars
    – European Economic Congress in Katowice
    – Premier League football matches
  • Line staff training system, including specialised, industry and expert training
  • We implement technical devices where possible
  • We hire people with the right skills and aptitudes
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