Personal and property security

One of the essential elements of a security system in a facility remains the protection of people and property. As a security company with trained and experienced employees, we provide a sense of security in all types of facilities.

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What is personal and property security?

Security is one of the critical human needs. A professional and tailored personal and property security service provides it. We take care of people’s health, peace, and life and ensure the safety of facilities and the possessions they keep inside.


We minimise risks, limit losses, and provide a sense of comfort so you can grow your business with a peace of mind. A robust security area is critical to ensuring business continuity for the company and its employees. From pharmaceutical labs, through shopping centres to industrial manufacturing, our security services reduce the risk of downtime due to security concerns. Dedicated and well-trained security officers help strengthen operations and build safer and more comfortable places.


Not all risks are equal, so while working closely with you, we provide a clear overview of your organisation’s security risks and focus on eliminating all undesirable events.

Your benefits

Reliabilityand service continuity

eflected in uninterrupted business


Cost optimisation

through the use of technology

Minimising risks and losses

by conducting a security audit


Strict monitoring of the service

thanks to an integrated IT system

Multi-dimensional safety improvement

people, property, occupational health and safety, fire-fighting measures


High insurance policy

for each of the services provided

What makes us stand out?

  • We develop security concepts based on detailed security audits
  • We support services with the latest technology and software
  • Thanks to the Operations Support Centre, all competencies for security and technical protection services, as well as operational information, are located and managed in one place.
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