Mobile monitoring tower

New technologies allow remote control and monitoring in hard-to-reach areas or in situations where there is no permanent power supply. A mobile monitoring tower aided by the Alarm Monitoring Station allows for constant supervision over the area within its range and an immediate response in case an alarm is triggered.

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What is a mobile monitoring tower?

A smart mobile video surveillance platform equipped with an integrated system for detecting and monitoring threats is designed to provide temporary monitoring anywhere, no matter how remote it is from power sources.

It is perfect for situations where the existing infrastructure makes traditional monitoring difficult or impossible.

Designed for road and bridge construction, the solution can be applied virtually anywhere. The monitoring tower complements or replaces traditional physical protection measures and portable surveillance systems used to date. The CCTV cameras mounted in the device are connected to a remote Alarm Monitoring Station, which allows for the detection of any problems in the guarded area.

In addition, the tower is equipped with an audio-visual alarm system, so it has a preventive function to deter any potential intruders. It is a fully integrated mobile and autonomous security system with adequate protection against all attacks and acts of vandalism.

Your benefits

Full integration

with other security systems


24/7 monitoring

and recording of events at a distance of up to 100 m

Online preview allowing for quick

situation assessment by the Alarm Monitoring Station operator


Tightening the security system

and effectively strengthening security activities

Savings in labour costs

and investment in fixed assets




Complete mobility – if necessary, you can switch the tower position

to best adapt the system to the changing site security requirements


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