Cash handling

We take care of every detail of the cash handling process with state-of-the-art technologies – from meticulous planning of the process, through supervision and communication, to fast counting and reporting. We transport values throughout the entire country, store cash using carefully secured equipment, and comprehensively service ATMs and deposit machines.

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What is cash handling?

Cash handling is a highly specialised cash security service that involves securing and processing cash values. In carrying it out, we are guided by relevant formal and legal requirements, bank procedures, as well as our internal standards. We use advanced technical facilities and modern IT tools for cash handling services.

There are 3 main components of the cash management process:

Cash processing – a logistic procedure of processing cash, which consists of counting, sorting, storing, and managing cash balances, as well as preparing reports and statements from conducted operations.

Cash in transit – transporting values, escorting/collecting cash/valuables shipments and depositing them in a place indicated by the customer (e.g., outside counting room, bank branch, night drop). The collection service is provided in accordance with established rules and deadlines. The task of the convoy is to protect the transported property from theft, loss, or damage and to deliver it intact in accordance with the adopted schedule and procedure.

ATM maintenance – ensuring continuous operation of unattended payment devices (ATMs and deposit machines), consisting of replacing and replenishing cash in ATMs, servicing deposit machines, as well as servicing swallowed payment cards.

Your benefits

Security of processes

related to cash handling



Up-to-date knowledge of operations

on cash values

Quick counting, reporting

and possibility of booking transferred funds

Compliance with uniform standards

and operation under proven service continuity plans

Support in reporting processes

in line with NBP expectations



Using the latest technology

to secure your value

What makes us stand out?

  • We belong to the Polish Organization of Cash Service Companies
  • We provide trained and proven teams of armed guards
  • Transport only in certified vehicles
  • The service is supported by VCMS and WEBDEPOSIT IT systems, which guarantee efficient logistics and online access to information
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